Stobhill Hospital

Client: NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

Contract: NHS Maintenance Framework

Project Value: £62,000

Project Timescales: 17 Days

Dates: 3rd April 2020 to 20th April 2020

Project Description

MPMH undertook this project as a Principal Contractor as part of the Covid19 pandemic effort, MPMH were asked to cost up and provide services to redecorate the full ward.  MPMH submitted costs the same day as we were requested to review the work and commence on site two days later. 

MPMH carried out the full redecoration and flooring of the 15 single bedded ward, bathroom areas, the main body of the ward and public areas within 17 days including working over Easter weekend.  

The project was carried out and delivered with zero defects and on time to enable the ward to be used for Covid19 patients.

We used low odour water based eggshell and low odour water based gloss paints to reduce the odour.

Key Issues

  • Pressure to submit cost and commence on site within two days
  • Social distancing measures had to be adhered to in accordance with government guidelines and MPMH Covid Policy.
  • Staggered teabreaks and lunchbreaks had to be set.
  • Timescales and working over Easter weekend.
  • Late night working to turn project around in 17 days.

Added Value

  • Implementation of level 3 HAI Scribe to the area and manage and record daily HAI Scribe check sheets to mitigate dust and infection.
  • Daily meetings with NHS key stakeholders to ensure works and programme was being maintained.
  • Delivered the programme within 17 days on time, within budget.
  • Timescales and working over Easter weekend.
  • Zero Defects achieved.
  • Worked with Infection Control to ensure 100% compliance.

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