Where the environment is concerned, MPMH are a construction business with a difference as we now have taken a long-term commitment to strive our operations towards net zero. Environmental impact minimisation is woven into every MPMH project plan from the start. We are a fully ISO 14001 accredited contractor, operate a fleet of electric vehicles and deploy renewable sources of power at our facilities wherever we can.

Waste & Recycling Programme

We understand the importance of sustaining local employment and the development of skills in both design and construction and will always recruit wherever possible from the local labour market and maintain a socially inclusive policy of employment.

We are fully committed to improving our environmental procedures and we are accredited in line with our ISO14001:2015. As part of our ISO Environmental Policy commitment, we are also registered with Zero Waste Scotland and worked with Zero Waste Scotland to review our Waste Management. This commitment to Zero waste is continually monitored on each site. We review and monitor each individual site from the monthly reports from our Waste recycling contractor Enva.

Environmental Statistics

1 %
Waste Recycling

We are achieving 100% waste recycling on all sites.


Waste fully recycled in 2021

Environmental Commitment

We seek to develop local supply chains, if they are economically and environmentally viable to the specific project, MPMH also promotes the use of renewable materials such as sustainable timber and building products.  We are also developing the use of other recycled products within our deliverables. We are currently achieving 100% for all our site waste recycling. In 2018 we generated 426 tonnes and in 2019 we generated 312 tonnes of waste, which 92% was re-cycled and the remaining 8% was recycled through RDF. In 2021 we have reduced our site waste generated to 307 tonnes with 96% of mixed waste being re-cycled with remaining 4% recycled through RDF, which enabled us to achieve 100% waste recycled. See recycling graph to the right:

Breakdown of Waste Recycling


Environmental Commitment

Our Company now use design and construction methods that minimise adverse effects on the environment, by reducing and minimising energy consumption and related Co2 production.  By careful selection of materials used, we look to minimise the amount of waste created during the design, construction and lifetime of the building.  MPMH believe that by adopting ethical sustainability practices, we can create more efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable working environment.

 Our waste company trucks are fitted with fuel and tracking monitors. This enables the closest vehicle to the site to remove and deliver any skip, thus creating savings on efficiency and sustainability to the environment, whilst delivering the Kylepark Project.  MPMH vehicles are all fitted with vehicle restrictors and trackers to ensure we maximise our fuel efficiency and targets set within ISO14001 objectives and monitor driver behaviour. As part of our waste recycling with Contractor Enva partnership, we can offer a site visit to either Broxburn or Linwood plant for NHS Lanarkshire projects teams to demonstrate an understanding of the recycling process. MPMH commitment also extends to our Head Office, where we have solar panels, which enables MPMH to heat and power our office throughout the year through the solar panels. This further demonstrates our Environmental Commitment. 

Carbon Footprint

We are fully committed to improving our environmental procedures and we are accredited in line with
our ISO14001:2015. All our company vehicles are monitored through “Verizon” Tracker. This monitors
our employees driving skills, fuel efficiency based on speed and driving style. We have recently added
a small electric van and 2 electric cars to our fleet and installed two electric vehicle charging points at
our Glasgow office.

NHS Golden Jubilee

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